Thursday, September 27, 2012

Laser Tag


Today type english la hor.
Lazy type in chinese xP
Science lesson mock test.
Didn't study for it ㅋㅋㅋ~~
Rachael: Jye baby! promise a ! Promise u didn study!
Me: yup!
We separated our tables and chairs.....
But the thing is, me and rachael keep pasing liquid paper.
Bobian, urgent need to use ~:B
When we open the cover page,
First reaction: kanasai!
Difficult!  And I hate these question: "define......... "
Science, I really dun like u, sorry ~
Struggling in those annoying questions , this freaks me out ! Sick in the mind !
Miss Lim : Since there is left vf 30 min , i gt a DISCOUNT , u all can look into your notes !
AAAAA!!!! That moment i really love miss lim <3 p="p">Science notes you are my saviour !!!
Ya , aft the mock test , i realise a lot of question i don't know how to do .


School finished!
Yay! is the time for battle royal!
change into fuchun fiesta t-shirt.
Come out, together with rachael,amirah and maomao,
We went to kfc and took our lunch: snacker.
Comeback, the instructors already arrived with boxes and one laptop.
Crystal, our "last girl standing " instructor separated the whole class into 6 respective groups :3
Group member:  rachael baby, amirah, maomao, sievney, jieqi, gwyneth, abdul.
Is nt typo, he really in my group.
The boys  started to mock him (sad or wad )
Ok nvm


Every group play 5minutes.
I was thinking: Duh?. Only 5mins? Too less le lar.
The 1st group:  white mouse.
They wore their vest (armer) , connect the gun to the vest ,register our name by typing the laser tag system. (Laptop )
"run "!!! The instructor yelled.
everyone run asap.
The system displayed "10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1!"
everyone will start to aim and shoot.


Our target is the vest .
There are 3 sphere bulging outwards ,
When the laser gun shooted the sphere, it would blink.
our shooting place is 3rd floor and 4th floor.
We were like the audience,
We watched them play , outside the class
For example,  a guy is shooting someone, but there is a guy behind him,hiding behind the wall.
Then we will alert the guy and say there is people shooting behind him
Really like the hunger games!


Our turn now!!!
start to shiver..... 
:Walao I want to pee le "
"how to wear this ?
"shoot who 1st ?
" who gt gun no.5?
"u nervous or nt?
Thousands and millions of conversation going through my ears.
Our aim is to kill our own team members, and the 1st will compete vf other group:'s winner, get it?
Prepare finish, actions stations , run!
We are like running for our lives like that!
The guns are very sensitive.
We can aim it in a very long distance and every single movement counts.
The laptop will record the scores and who we shot.


My perspective:  I was running to the 4th staircase,
rachael, Sievney, mm behind me ,chasing.
I ran up to the staircase and i heard a.loud  bang sound.
But i was keep running because of survival.
to fast to die, not fun
When i ran upstair, I think i saw amirah ,so I shot.
When i gt shot, my gun will vibrate.
Then I ran into a class and start to shoot at people.
Suddenly, the gun said: gameover.
Me:  huh?  Isn't tat too fast ?
5minutes juz pass like tat??!!
Then we assemble at our class again.
is mm's gun disconnected.
Btw after the game stopped , i was running like hell to the classroom .
I tot mm fell down ,paiseh xPP
Walao , scare me sia !


another 5 min starts !
Keep shootinggggggg~~~~!!!!
But they play not fun d ,
they juz keep standing like opp each other than shoot .
Jebal this is nt the point of the game .
@ 3rd floor .
Abdul at 4th floor shooting me ,
靠!Then i was crawling to the end then start shooting him .
Tired sia !!!
The gun is very heavy is u hold it a very long time.
Altought it was only like 5 min.
Mm say my stamina not so good .
Ok lor ~~ we run 2.4 km la !xD
Then i was keep hiding behind the wall .
Then start to shoot people .
But I was the lousiest in my team .
Aigoo , 太烂拉!


After the game , i rushed to jb sentral .
I told daddy i would be done at 4 and reach jb sentral by 4.30 .
But then the game delayed .
But i still bought strawberry milkshake at coolblog.
Then daddy and i go to pasar malam but sweet corn ,pisang goreng .....

Reach home , i decided want to meet chen ting .
My Third mummy ~~
She got 2 poodle (玩具贵宾)
Yuki & Yuko , are puppies.
Then her mummy came , and they just new bought a buggy .
Then we rode on the buggy and we wander around in Gate A .

Every car passed by 都带着有色眼睛看着我们!
er....... ok ...

Keke !!! My art piece .
Starry Starry Night ~~~
Jiesen like this pic in instagram ,
maomao jealous siol xD

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