Thursday, July 19, 2012



Rachel unnie started to use English to blog her own stuffs .
Should i try that too ?
But i think i wont
English cant really express myself ,
so .... still use chinese xD
actually maomao keep asking me to talk to her in English .
I am trying , okie ?
Pls give me some time xD
In Malaysia , "English" was my favourite subject !
Reason : Because it's easy , applicable to my standard !
Easy to score ! ( Madam Hamidah !) <<< OMG , Ily !
In Singapore... "Chinese" is my favourite subject .
Reason : Easier a lot than English xD


Mother Tongue (Chinese)
We have class test today ,
which it was set by Miss Tay .
Er... for me i dont know whether it was easy or difficult or not ,
Altough the vocabulary that the passage use was easy ,
but it created kind of phrases... which i dont really understand .
Example :身遭不测 (我对它似懂非懂这样的-.-)
And i hate the Section 2 !!!
Example : 执着/ 固执/ 顽固/?
Almost the same meaning ! How to choose -.-
难道要brainstorming 啊?-.-
And I had no enough time to finish my test ,
then miss tay was about to collect my test paper ,
Because i was holding the paper so tightly and writing down my answer nervously ,
 miss tay was like "snatching " away the test paper from me ... ( O! my xxx? ) 


Er ... apparently these days ,
maomao got a new admirer (OMO xD )
He's malaysian @.@( I guess so)
He was finding  maomao so urgently ytd in the canteen
Then after that Shixuan told him maomao was absent ,
his heart confirm like :!@#$^*
maomao's mantra (口头禅) is :有没有?!
When she said the word i laughed !
And her face expression was like so funny ,
that i cant control myself laughing in the canteen !
We went to toilet ,
maomao was playing her phone ....
The things that make me speechless was ,
she was playing : The Smurfs ! (无语有没有?!xD)
Then i saw her phone case can put ez-link card, 
I used the word :滴滴 instead of scanning .
Maomao : 哪里有酱的字的?
Me : This is called onomatopoeic ( learned from music lesson ) 

Akil Again .
We talking about ancestor . 
Me: My ancestor is from China ( stating the Obv, abuthn Bangladesh a )
Akil : Mine is from Thailand ! (fail bullshit)
Me : havjsdknfanidn ...... blabla ...
 i am so proud i can owned the annoying guy in ENGLISH !


PE lesson .
I love this PE lesson !
Actually we have a competition (Handball) vf 2Lincoln ,
But the court already occupied by senior classes ,
So cancelled ... we can only play floor ball at the basketball court .
Aish ! Maomao & I different group .

Black Vs White (Racist or wad ? )
We use tennis ball instead of the floor ball ,
because the weight of tennis ball is heavier than floor ball and it is easy to control .
But through out the whole session ,
yeorubun ( everyone )  kept laughing .( Because of dwi la ! )
And then Mr Ryan went to help the white team -.- 


English lesson .
We are learning about the " advertisement "
"Pathos","Ethos" & " Logos" << This is not the point
Pathos = Emotional
Ethos = Credibility (信任)
Logos = Logic
Ok , then we looked at a lot of advertisement
eg : iPad , Pepsi (the people that was advertising was KaKa ! 好帅的卡卡!)
One more : Jetstar .
Mr Marcus called me to answer his question .
Mr Marcus : Jye , what skills did the advertisement applied ? "
(walao a !!!) 
Me : er .....
(actually i heard Mai (Maisarah) shouting credibility , but if i copied her .... )
Me : Logic...
Mr marcus : Good !
( so pro ! Guess also can guess the correct answer )
Mr Marcus : Why is it logically appliced ?
Me : Er.... (thinking ) it is because they state the advantages erm ...travelling with Jetstar !
Mr Marcus : Good !!!
Sievney : (thumbs up )

Maths Lesson
Stupid Changwen !
He framed me !!
We learned Korean words during the lesson
Changwen : Apayo ? ( Is it hurts )
Me : Anapayo ( No , its not )
then they called Shawn lam ( Kul ) : Oyster
Shawn Wong & maomao call Changwen (Chopal ) : Pigs Leg
Then i laughed so hard thn i kena aimed by Mrs Lim
走着瞧!(si Changwen ,害我的人!)

We went to BBT!
Strawberry Milkshake + Waffle
Suddenly it was raining cats and dogs ! ( miao miao , wurf ,miao ,wurf xD )
We managed to take shelter under the HDB flats ,
But still , when we reached school we became 落汤鸡...
Then me and Rachael tried to approached Miss Aisha ( our hist teacher )
She taught us abt the comparison .
Then i dont know why she said : nice! when we expalining y we were wet .


Mrs Long saw us , she was like : Sayang ! U all play in the rain ?! Ltr got sick how ?
tomorrow you have excursion (to Changi Ter.3),Mr poh sure scold u blablabla........  -.-

We learned a new song today ! ( YAY!)
Title : One Song
Quite a cute song ...and Soprano parts was awesome !
(Jealous xD , Cos my group is Alto  )
After went through the scores , we continue Princess Mononoke.
Suddenly Mr Poh came , tapped my file ( tat time i was standing and singing .... )
Then he pulled me to the center .  LOL !!!!

#OMG! I am so awesome !Typed my first english post  :)
I think maomao will also be very proud too! ( I THINK ONLY )
I type my post using english for the sake of her :D

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