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Erm ……
Type English today : )

Aigoo! 我要去撞豆腐啦!
People who are top 5 , will get a kpop poster each
The last person who got the poster is jiayi, she gt 27/30 for weekly test.
Guess wat?
I got 26/30!!!!!
Walao a!!!! 
I was totally speechless!!!
And all the mistakes were from MCQs!
All the correct answer is D!
What a coincidence!

And … I want to thank jiayi!
She gave me her poster (Mr Taxi Snsd Kor ver Repackage album )
She gave me because she is not obsessed in kpop (but in japan animate )
So.... kamsahamnida jiayi -ssi! ^^


Maths lesson.
We learned abt map scales.
Somethink like ratio.
Mrs Lim introduced this lesson using *Changwen fake love story* which  Mrs Lim created it just for a few seconds only
Story: "Changwen already engaged!  And now he want to bring his wife to Paris! (wohoo! paris! ) "
Then Mrs Lim used her phone app to open gps , thn she typed "Paris "
Oh My Gee ! The map really appear ! Daebak !
Then we asked teacher to show us the location of Eiffel Tower .
Mrs Lim : Eiffel Tower how to spell a ?
Then Changwen laughed at her . -.-
Thn we start to say : WA! 2 Eisenhower in Paris now wohhoo ~


Lit Lesson .
Teacher gave us back our class test.
I got better marks than last time !
Last time - 9/20
Highest-16/20 << Jian Wei 's score
In my test paper , miss chen wrote : Good improvement ! U need to improve ur language skills .
Cher , I am very happy le :D
Gain hope in Literature !
Hope next time i can understand the passage or poet ! Hwaiting !


CCE Lesson
Mr Marcus came in and let us listen to a song : Hey there Delilah !
Is about a guy , he is a musician , he wants to earn a lot of money so that
he can support her gf which is schooling now .
The chorus is : What you do to me ..... -.--.-
Then Mr Marcus today he will talk abt it in our class .
Okai ! Mr Marcus gave a white paper , and we need to wrote your faults, who get affected , and what you can do to stop .
I .... wrote something .
And I even ask Mrs Tan 自卑 in english 。
Then i wrote i am complex, inferiority .
Because of  my height and English standard .
Everybody like zhouming , charlaine unnie , maomao are improving consistently .
Just Me . I am the who still staying on the same place , didn't move anywhere .
How Sad My Life TAT . FAIL!


Mr Marcus read out my passage , but he didn't say the name .
Second one , is colour paper .
I gt salmon pink colour !
In this paper ,we would write to a person who you want to thank ,
and Mr Marcus will be our postman !
I wrote it in Chinese !
I am sure the one who receive my letter will be very begcek !

I received 2 papers .
One is from maomao , One is from Aziz .
Don't ask me how i know , in your mind u just make up a mindset that i have six sense .
And i know Aziz 's paper is maomao wrote it d .
Picture :


After that we had chicken rice for lunch !
Go back , i gt math retest .
Mr Marcus saw me in class .
He frowned , use his finger point at me .
Then i nodded my head .
AIYO: Does the law stipulates phang jye cannot fail maths ?
No right !
Then dun be so shock la ... A yi Gu !


Maths Tutoring Session .
Mrs Lim transferred Martin to Zhouming's group .
Because of Chang Wen existence ,
The group won't be peace !

We doing our worksheet ......
:"Zhouming like Martin la !"
:"yalo , zhouming like Martin !"
Poor Jessica ! I helped her , 施展正义地说:Is Martin like Zhouming la !
i don;t know why I use that *kind of voices*(cute) to say this sentence ,

History Weekly Test .
Martin finished it very fast !
abt 15 minutes !
So fast !
I have No enough time to complete my test ( but i managed to )
but he finished just in 15 minutes ?!

"What are the reason that Singapore fall ? "
A lot of things to write okay ?
The L.O.S.E.S &  W.I.N.S already have tons of words to write !
JINJJA!You need to elaborate , explain, give examples ...
if not then 6 marks for wat ?
Mr Marcus came to my desk and he took a liquid paper on my table << nt mine , zhouming d
He passed to another classmate (which idk who is it ) he returned me back agn
After 10 minutes later , he took my SNSD Poster !
I won't mind if Mr Marcus become a S0Ne xD
but he took it TAT!
When he collect my paper , it was already 4.38 ,
we supposed to hand in at 4.35 ,
but Mr Marcus let me write .
My font ( hand writing ) was illegible!
Cos I am rushing through the whole test paper ..

ART Project ! DONE! 


During the performance @ Ikingayo ,  Athena Hyomin fell . MAoMao still can laugh ! 
I will Wait until maomao fell  xP
To : Charlaine unnie 
U done a great JOB!
Keep revenging !
I really want to see her face when she knew that your marks is higher than her in English abt 20 % and she despise ur malay test because u are 2% lower than her .
What the xD
I will always b thr for u <3 

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