Thursday, July 26, 2012

Sick -.-

I don't know how to describe my day today ,
it was totally torturing me though out the whole day (Damn it !)
Yesterday , I felt unwell after ballet .
Miss Pua said we are going to perform at Charlaine unnie 's school ! xD
Last time was the Cinderella one ~
Learning Grade 6 + Intermediate !
Miss Pua :以前如果我给你们跳Gd 6 你们根本就跳不出来那种感觉,现在跳就
Grade 6 is basically talking abt a love story ,
We cannot learn it because we are not matured enough << this is what Miss Pua said .
Because we don't have expression or emotion smth like tat
Then we start to act liao !
Me:哦~~Miss Pua ~~ 你太伤我的心了!
Pretending to hold a keris and stab into my heart and die on the floor lol !
(Crying )
Miss Pua : 是吗?那么我以后在也不会说了!
Use her hand cover her face .
无语 0.0".......

Back home .
Felt dizzy .
So i sleep at 9.00 pm .
^^The first record Jye slept so early!
Take medicine , 看了5章小说 ,睡觉!

The next morning .
Kakak: Jye , mahu pergi sekolah tak
Me : en
Change uniform , drink milo ,tie hair , take medicine .
Reach custom ,
Qi and Jing chat vf me usually .
I m the one who didn't talk ,
Sleeping on my bag......
Qi: 婕贻你还好吗?
Sick , Fever .
i don't even have the strength to response her .
Too tired.

@ Parade Square ,
suddenly i cried , i also dun noe why.
Rachael and Mingmin tell Mr Marcus ,
he excorted both me and rachael to general office ,
*Checking temperature*
I dun noe my temperature ,
Mr Marcus just ask me to sit at the foyer.
Mrs Tan talked to me
我:有kakak ,爸妈在外国。

俊一塞了Panadol 给我。
Panadol -.-
Miss Aisha emphasise that don't eat panadol .
But i just ate it .

Mother Tongue class .
Copy passage then sleep for one and a half period .
when i waked up , it was recess .
Feeling better .
Sievney: no offense , but u look pale .
好吧,naneun arayo .
I want to play netball !!!
Then mingmin , maisarah , jessica don't let me play !
Mingmin: Cher she gt fever la !
Mr Ryan touch my neck .
Mr Ryan: Cold sweat ! Still want to play a ?
Maisarah : Don't play la ! After u get well then play okay ?
Then she used her finger to poke my cheeks.

Seo Hyun and Tiffany Titanic ♥ admin Jewel

Mr Marcus showed us a video ,
he said it was about friday .
Then Fandi started to sing : Last Friday Night ! !@#$%^
Mr Marcus : WHO Sing it ?
Fandi: Katty Perry la !

We have a sticker.
Actually is not a sticker ,
Is a piece of fiber-cloth that can clean our hand phone screen.
Then we can stick it at the back of our hand phone after using it .
Cool or wat ?
Mr Marcus : Jye ! What is the slogan ?
Me : *finding the sticker* Life does not rewind .
(ahaha !!!!)
Miss pronouns word again . -.-

Maths again .

Today skip Choir .
Privilege xD

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